Every year, the HSCA Elementary holds a special chapel service to honor grandparents for Grandparents Day. This year’s event was a time of both celebration and exhortation. Patrick Davis, Director of Institutional Advancement for the school, admonished grandparents that “we (meaning parents and school faculty) cannot raise [children] by ourselves, we need you to be a part of it.”

During the service several awards were given to students for character traits including: cheerfulness, friendliness, obedience, respectfulness and dependability. Also, a Grandparent of the Year Award was given to Mrs. Linda Deckard.

After the chapel service we asked children about their favorite memories with their grandparents and received a wide variety of responses! Some were very specific in their answers while others were simply one-word. We think you’ll find their responses entertaining.

“What is your favorite memory with your grandparents?”

Evan Adams: “Driving to the place to get food.”

Ella Holden: “Trumpeting!”

Payton Huff: “Going to St. Augustine.”

Meriannah Dober: “Sliding!”

Matthew Woolley (who was very specific about the spelling of his last name): “Driving the golf cart.”

We also asked some of the same students what age they believed their grandparents to be. Some were realistic, some were not!

“How old are your grandparents?”

Matthew Woolley: “79”

Evan Adams: “25” (We can neither confirm nor deny whether he was correct or not)

Ella Holden: “75”

Meriannah Dober: “8” (only a few years off)

Payton Huff: “60”

After the chapel, grandparents were invited to eat lunch with their grandchildren.