An education at HSCA is about more than academic growth. We believe that school should be a place where spiritual growth occurs – where students strengthen their relationship with God and construct a solid Biblical worldview. It is for this purpose that we set aside time in our schedule near the beginning of school for special services designed to help students strengthen their walk with God. We desire that students not just excel scholastically but also that they see the world as Jesus does.

To this end, Rev. Paul Gray was invited to speak this year at school revival. When asked about their favorite quotes from Rev. Gray, the students submitted these:

“There is always something beautiful or good in every circumstance, no matter how ugly or disagreeable they seem to be.” Submitted by Janessa Beardslee

“Surrender your mind to God, and have your mind renewed.” Submitted by Junia Privert

“God assumes full responsibility for the consequences of our obedience.” Submitted by Ephraim Maurival

“It is on God, not ourselves, that we need to depend.” Submitted by Macaylan Alexander

Students appreciated the humor that Rev. Gray incorporated into his messages. He also used stories that were both amusing and applicable to the topics on which he spoke. Students commented that they felt Rev. Gray was really engaged with them and cared about them. Thank the Lord for His presence and help in this year’s revival.