With Sea Breeze Camp Meeting over for another year, the academy is finally returning to a sense of normalcy!  We enjoyed a fantastic ten days of special services and activities…but a return to a routine is always good.  While camp begins on a Thursday evening, preparations begin long before the first opening songs are sung.  Each year, the high school generously give up their classrooms to help accommodate the influx of out-of-state guests that need lodging during camp.  And sometimes like Abraham and Lot, we try to live together peaceably while our “herds share water and grazing ground.”  High school classes end up meeting wherever space is available…in the elementary library, in the teacher’s lounge…wherever a room can be found with enough space for the class size.

But the sacrifices made in schedules and classrooms were well worth the benefits received.  This year, Pastor Duane Quesenberry ministered to the junior high and high school while Christina Black held daily services for grades pre-kindergarten through sixth.  Spiritual growth was gained during these services, and the result is a student body and faculty that are stronger than before.  Is camp tiring?  Yes.  Is camp disruptive to our normal schedules?  Yes.  Is camp worth the effort?  As anyone who attended services this year can attest, the answer is definitely yes!