Many students have trouble going to sleep the night before the first day of school. A new year means new classes, classmates, teachers, school supplies and a new schedule. Most students arrive on campus a few minutes earlier than usual, some thrilled – some mortified that a whole new school year has begun. According to Letha Barr, “The first day of school is bipolar because I’m excited yet so depressed.”

Mr. Jones spoke during student orientation, encouraging students and faculty to use the word “yet”. When we have failed in some area and say “I can’t do this!”, Mr. Jones instructed us to insert the word “yet”: “I can’t do this yet.” This simple addition gives a brand new outlook for the future. It affirms that we are growing and learning. It also takes away the finality of failure.

We are so blessed to start yet another year here at HSCA! With God’s help we are expecting a year of continued growth and improvements!