Classes at HSCA

Where minds are stretched...

At any given moment during the school day in a few dozen rooms, young minds are being stretched and expanded.  Were someone able to visit each of these rooms, the journey would reveal the breadth of knowledge being imparted.  In Pre-Kindergarten, students might be sounding out consonants.  In the Kindergarten room, students could be practicing writing a letter they have just added to their repertoire.  Nearby in first grade, students could be jogging in place while quoting a Bible verse they are memorizing.  Learners in second grade could be honing their ability to tell time while in grade three, students might be found studying the properties of the multiples of the number five.  In grade four, students might be rehearsing lines for an upcoming drama they will be presenting in a chapel service.  Students in grade five could be looking at the record of the Acts of the Apostles while sixth grade students diagram sentences and pick apart the structure of grammatical phrasing.  A combined Junior High class could be looking at characters found in the Old Testament while a nearby High School Algebra class graphs linear equations on a board.  Literature class might be analyzing the static and dynamic characters found in a recently read story.  Students in Economics class could be looking at the properties of the distribution of labor while Biology students might be studying cell mitosis.  And lastly, the computer lab might hold students animating images that they had recently created just out of earshot of the group of students having private violin lessons across the sidewalk.

All of this would be taking place simultaneously.  And this is what we call an average day…

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