Sea Breeze Camp Meeting

Each winter, FEA Ministries hosts Sea Breeze Camp Meeting – an event during which people come from all over the country for ten days of services, special activities, and fellowship.  School continues during this time…but with a modified schedule.  Students attend daily services and the junior high and high school participate in afternoon athletic activities.  Camp meeting is a busy time…but it is also a time of spiritual growth and fellowship!

Singing Christmas Tree

The Singing Christmas Tree is an annual performance hosted by Hobe Sound Bible Church. A large percentage of students and SW-7faculty from the academy participate as singers, instrumentalists, and actors.  The Singing Christmas Tree is an excellent way to begin the holiday season! It’s a perfect time to meet with neighbors, family, and friends and enjoy a performance that exalts the name of Jesus Christ.

Spirit Week

Spirit Week is a time to show HSCA’s school pride! This is a week set aside to wear silly hats, cute socks, and wacky ties, among other forms of expression. Prizes are awarded in various categories.


DSC_2269Every year, HSCA hosts a Walkathon. This fundraising event allows money to be raised for various school project and a day of enjoyment for both students and teachers.  For the last several years, competitions have been held among classes and students with prizes given out to those who gathered the most funds.  Awards including electronic devices and field trips were given out to the winners in individual categories.

Fine Arts Competition

Students at HSCA have the opportunity to participate in Fine Arts Competitions sponsored by the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.  Individuals from grades 1-12 have the opportunity to compete in areas such as choral group, band, vocal solo and small group, and academic testing.  This affords an excellent opportunity for students to use their talents that God has blessed them with!Choir-1

Field Day

Field Day is a fun day for all HSCA students.  Physical abilities are tested in competitions involving agility, speed, and endurance.  It is also a time to enjoy the outdoors and the company of the fellow students.

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