Principal’s Welcome

On May 11, 1964, the first six individuals received diplomas from Hobe Sound Christian Academy. In the half-century that has passed since then, hundreds of students have followed them across a platform and collected a simple document that represented countless hours of learning. Our vantage point from atop five decades of traditions and successes allows us to look with anticipation to the days ahead! We have been and will continue to be an institution that believes in the pursuit of excellence – both spiritual and academic. The purpose of this web site is to provide a tool that allows exploration into who we are and assists families who have partnered with us for the education of their children.

At Hobe Sound Christian Academy, we believe there is no greater privilege than having the opportunity to invest in the lives of children. Our goal is to surround our students with academic and spiritual role models who are life-long learners themselves for the purpose of cultivating an environment where learning blossoms. A successful student at HSCA is one whose mind has been stretched and expanded by new ideas and whose heart has a love for Jesus Christ.

We hope you will make an effort to get acquainted with us and that your time spent with us results in you having a greater love for the pursuit of knowledge!

Robert Booth