Jr. High / High

Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth …

~Ecclesiastes 12:1

High School at Hobe Sound Christian Academy

At Hobe Sound Christian Academy, we believe that every youth is created with purpose in the image of God and has been given abilities and gifts that can be used to further His Kingdom. This belief guides and shapes every decision.

Hobe Sound Christian Academy Junior High and High School Departments place a strong emphasis on spiritual growth and development. Bible classes are a central part of the high school curriculum and biblical principles are woven into core classes with the purpose of developing a complete biblical worldview.

Academic excellence is also of great importance. Classes are designed by certified teachers to be rigorous with the purpose of developing the intellectual potential of every student to allow them to become productive members of society.

Ministry is considered an integral part of the development of high school students and a myriad of ministry opportunities are available and encouraged. The close association of the academy with Hobe Sound Bible College and Hobe Sound Bible Church affords unique ministry opportunities for students. Month-long mission trips are taken during the summer months and various groups minister throughout the year in numerous venues from local area churches to overnight ministry trips.

At HSCA, our goal is to graduate students who are intellectually, socially, and emotionally prepared to make positive contributions to their world and who are spiritually mature and capable of seeing the world with the eyes of Christ. We want our graduates to make an impact for both time and eternity.

I believe that I received one of the highest levels of education at HSCA. The teachers focused on so much more than just meeting state standards. As a teacher now, I can see how important a role they played in shaping my worldview and my perspective on learning. I built strong friendships and made memories that I will cherish forever. I feel so blessed to was able to attend HSCA from 5th grade through 12th grade.

Jennifer, English Professor, HSCA Alumnus